Social Enterprise at its Best

Philanthropic endeavors aren't just the focus of nonprofits anymore.

For-profit companies are entering the charity game and some of them make giving their for-profit mission - like Toms shoes.  Another one of those social enterprise companies is The Shop Forward - whose mission is to support programs and organizations that are effectively working to help others around the world.  Founder, Meri Barnes, reached out to us with an opportunity to benefit one of our warriors through the sale of their 'U.S.A. Strong' shirt that they offered in their 'Can't See Apparel' line.

Can't See Apparel was a joint venture started by Barnes and popular iHeart radio show host, Bobby Bones

With Bobby's reach to radio dials all across America, they were able to raise $20,000 in a matter of hours for the White Heart Warrior of their choice - Marine Sgt. Kirstie Ennis - and help her afford an all-terrain trackchair and other future needs.

Awesome, right?

Bobby and Meri deserve a lot of praise for using their hard work for a good cause.  ....and why did they choose White Heart?  Because they knew none of their funds would be wasted.  100% of the funds raised from this shirt will go to the needs of Kirstie.  None to operating costs.  Pure charity.  

We're happy to have supporters like Bobby and Meri.

***A quick note on Kirstie.  She's one of the toughest warriors we have ever met.  She was in a great piece that Fox put together before this year's Super Bowl that you can view below.




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