Stop Giving To Military Charities Until You Read This

To put it bluntly, you’re wasting a ton of money by donating to traditional military charities.

I get it.  It makes you feel good.  

You share your fundraising efforts on Facebook and for a moment you feel like an altruistic BAMF as your friends pitch in money to support your 5k run to benefit the ‘Merica: F*ck Yeah! Foundation.  

As noble as your intents may be you’re not entirely sure how the ‘Merica: F*ck Yeah! Foundation will spend your funds.  But you’ve seen their commercials on TV with bald eagles and shit so how can you not trust them to spend it wisely?  They claim 90% of their funds go to programs.  Sounds legit.  Bring on the fireworks and beer.

Whoa, hold up there, Sam Adams, let me break this down for you right quick.

Charities have expenses for

    •    Programs
    •    Everything else (fundraising and administrative expenses).

Donors take a look at those numbers and give support to charities that have a favorable percentage of program expenses compared to the rest.  That is, they are looking for program expenses to be high and for fundraising and administration expenses to be low.  After all, you didn’t work that hard shaking down your friends for money on Facebook to see the funds you raised go to waste.

Charities know this.  They make sure to keep their program percentage spending high.  But what’s included in program expenses?  Well, everything it takes to run a program.  Program staff salaries, additional office space, utilities, transportation…

“Wait, dude.  Those sound like administrative costs.”

Nope.  They’re not if their sole purpose is to provide for that program.  This is the largest misconception among donors.  There are overhead for the organization, as a whole; and overhead for every program.

As a completely hypothetical example let’s say the ‘Merica: F*ck Yeah! Foundation has a program to help wounded warriors with severe PTSD acclimate back into civilian life by sending them on a fishing and hunting trip for some good, therapeutic R&R.  

Nothing wrong with that.  

The costs for this program include airfare for the 18 wounded warriors, lodging, meals, etc.  

But it doesn’t end there. 

The ‘Merica: F*ck Yeah! Foundation has offices in Wyoming just for this purpose.  This office is staffed with six full-time employees doing everything from trip planning, to bookkeeping, to corporate relations, etc.  They own four vans for transportation all requiring insurance, gas, upkeep, and so on. They have leases on property that they use for rifle and bow & arrow practice.  That land needs upkeep.  Rifles need cleaning.  Bows need servicing.  This all needs insurance.   Etc. Etc. Etc.

These are all program expenses.

Admin expenses are simply the costs that are not program costs, which should be low by default given that program costs can house most of the salaries and expenses.

Womp woooooomp.

Let’s be real here, overhead is necessary.  You can’t walk into a Starbucks and ask to JUST pay for the coffee and not want any of your money to go towards the cost of the cup, the utility bill, the rent, the staff wages, etc.  So these expenses are necessary.

They are.

But they don’t have to come from your donation.  

White Heart was founded to allow the donor to have piece-of-mind.  Pick and choose the campaigns you wish to fund for a certain wounded warrior and have your funds go directly to that campaign – you can even choose to pay your credit card processing fees.

So, if you give $100 to help fund the building of a home for an injured soldier – that whole $100 goes to that home.

So why would you ever give to any other military charity when you can give it straight to the wounded warrior with our oversight?

Seriously.  Why?

Things I’ll never understand:

    •    Bathroom attendants at clubs
    •    Turkey Bacon
    •    Donating to a traditional military charities

Get more out of your donation.  Give direct.