Frequently Asked Questions

What is White Heart?
We’re a nonprofit that helps our nation's wounded warriors.

Oh, I don’t trust nonprofits.  There are so many shady ones out there.
That there are. Fair enough.  But we’re different.

We encourage you to donate straight to individual cases – so there’s 100% transparency.  We just bring you those cases and see to it that the money is being handled properly.  And we don’t take any percent of your donation.


I know, right?

Then how do you pay for your overhead?
We hold events, receive small grants, and do our best building an endowment.  Also, at the current time, we are volunteer-run.  

How do you pay your credit card fees?
Our merchant service collects the fees.  So, technically, they take a part of your donation before it gets to us.  We won’t touch it.  Also, there will soon be an option for you to pay your own credit card fees, if you’re feeling extra charitable. 

Do you just cut a check to the hero?
No.  We handle all of the money to ensure it is used properly.  In other words, if we are purchasing a piece of rehabilitation equipment for an injured soldier - we pay the manufacturer of that equipment.

How do you pick your White Heart Warriors?
We have many personal connections with rehabilitation hospitals, military installations, etc.  This helps us get a better evaluation of their needs.

Why do you only have a few campaigns listed?
We want to start small to make certain that we can focus our efforts on succeeding with a few campaigns.  If demand is big enough, and we are making great headway, we’ll expand to include more campaigns.

Can I submit a request for a campaign?
Not at this time.  The campaigns that we select are selected for a reason.  When we are ready to add campaigns, we will do so through our military and hospital contacts.  You could always email us, and we can keep a request on file, but we’ll never be able to tell you when that campaign may ever be added, if ever – and we don’t want to get your hopes up.  

What is your campaign criteria? 
When we are ready to add more soldier campaigns they must be be of post-9/11 veterans who were injured in a military related accident - not necessarily combat.

What if a campaign doesn’t reach the full funding goal?
Each campaign is carefully thought through with different outcomes analyzed.  We talk with our heroes and their families and go over the options of what to expect at different fundraising levels.  Basically, we go in prepared for the worst, but we hope for the best.  We also have relationships with other military organizations that can help out.

Where can I get information on the Ride to the Flags?


Got more questions?  Hit us up, yo.