Fundraise for a Campaign

So here's the deal.

You're running a marathon to raise funds for our heroes.  You search for - and find - a charity that supports wounded warriors and you figure you'll send all the money you raise to that organization.  However, you know only a fraction of that donation will actually make it to the people who need it the most and you wish you had a way for your money to have more of an impact.

You log on to an find campaigns that you can help fund directly. You pick a hero's campaign that you wish to support and start a fundraising page; letting your family, friends, and co-workers know that any money they donate for your marathon efforts will be going straight to this hero's campaign and that White Heart will take none of it.

Now you need help making your fundraising efforts successful.  Give us a shout.  We have a few tips of best fundraising practices to make sure you get the most of your campaign.

If you already know the ropes and wish to get started, just click on a campaign, create your page, and begin!