How it Works

We’re different.

We like being different.

Most charities focus on doing a little bit for a lot of the underserved population.  There’s a reason for this.  The more people that a charity can claim it helps, the more money they can get from grant-making organizations and donors.  But are they REALLY helping?

Let me ask you: Would you rather give one grain of rice to 3,000 people or 3,000 grains of rice to one person?

Of course you’d choose the latter.

We’re not focused on numbers.  We’re focused on impact.

The White Heart Foundation was created with the donor's wishes in mind - impact.  Why give blindly to a military charity when you can give directly to a warrior's campaign where you know you'll get the most impact for your dollar?  Through the White Heart Network, you can choose the warrior that you wish to support and donate directly to his/her needs.  


Stop Wasting Your Donation. Cut the overhead. 

  1. Select a White Heart Warrior to assist

  2. Make a Donation

  3. Your donation goes directly to that warrior's Need

Give Often. 
Give Direct.